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Making moving images of your business or loved ones is very valuable.

Unlimited Crazy (UC) specializes in making short promotional videos. To show their customers what a promo movie is and what the possibilities are, they made their own promo movie The Experience. Sit back and relax in a 15-minute video, in which this energetic team shows their skills.


To properly convey a story, it’s necessary to write a script in advance. It starts with creating a Storyboard. This storyboard is a graphic organizer in the form of illustrations displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a motion picture, animation etc., as the Director has them in mind. A tool for the actors and crew to get a picture of how the scene will look like.

A Promomovie is a new way of promoting a business with the use of a story!


When approved, the storyboard scenes are written out in a script. A screenplay is the transcript of the spoken text of a movie. In them, the movement, actions, expression, and dialogues of the characters are also narrated.


For the Experience promo video, producer Tim de Kler and film director Jack de Vries chose a script, consisting three different stories and genres. In this way, they wanted to create an experience, in which they could show more skills of their selves and the crew. Chosen were Action, Drama and Humor.


A simple promo film as The Experience costs more time then imagined. After months of filling out the screenplay, follows the search for crew and actors. After three long production days, the producer and Director were satisfied. A loud “it’s a wrap!”, was followed by applause and jeers by a great team.

Promomovie The Experience
Promomovie The Experience


Now it’s up to the video editors, to transform the hours of film into a catchy promotional film. Per scene appropriate music and sound effects are searched and added. When the appropriate sound effect cannot be downloaded, it will be specially produced in the studio. Creating visual effects requires real skills!! Frame by frame the video will be edited. All the listed ingredients ensure that this promotional film is a true experience.

Save the Date

The past few weeks were a whole experience for me. The film world was new to me. I have deep respect for the team of Unlimited Crazy. From A to Z hard workers, experts with a passion and desire for perfection, you don’t come across every day. The trailer is now shared on social media. 26 June 2017 is The Experience launched. Save the Date!

Tim, Jack and the rest of team Unlimited Crazy, thanks for sharing a look behind the scenes.

– Suheer Kora
– Styling ID

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