The power of the logo


MAART, 2017

What’s more important: a good company name or logo?

What’s more important: a good company name or logo? Most start-up companies stop all the time and energy into coming up with an original name and forgotten in addition to stop the same energy in a logo. Additional fact is, of course, that the costs are low if you invent your own company name. For developing a logo you usually need a professional, who designs it for you. What is the power of the logo?


In order to cut costs one often buys a standard (cheap) logo at a website that is specialized in average designs. And you probably know the quote: “You get what you pay for”…

We live in a time when we are more and more visually oriented. People interpret the message better when they see an image. We not only process more information, but it also sticks better.

A logo is more than a nice symbol. Together with your company name it presents your corporate identity.


If done right, symbols can be used to exploit the most unconscious-level of human desire, when incorporated into the logo design, symbols gracefully create associations between a company and that which the company would like to represent. Certain colors could increase the effectiveness of your company’s branding methods.

And also our subconscious minds respond in different ways to different logo shapes. For example when a circle is used in a logo, it suggests community, partnership, suggesting stability and endurance. Straight edged logo shapes such as squares suggest stability in more practical terms and can also be used to imply balance. It has also been suggested that triangles have a good association with power, science, religion and law. Now you will understand that logo shapes used by big company’s, aren’t chosen by chance!

The power of the logo
The power of the logo

5 Pillars of Logo Design

  1. Keep it simple: less is more!
  2. Create a timeless design: it has to last for at least 10 years
  3. Make your logo memorable: create a unique symbol
  4. Develop a logo that is appropriate: Who are your customer’s: adults or kids?
  5. Don’t forget the functionality of a logo: not only digital, but also used on paper, billboard etc.

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Nancy van der Drift

Nancy van der Drift,


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